2018 Mini Club - September shipment

2018 Mini Club - September shipment

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September Mini-Skein Club shipment -- Will be ready to ship on September 4th.  Mini Club members will have product reserved until September 10th.  Anything left over will be made available to the public.

Select your yarn weight and theme.

Gradient birthstone members -- this month's gemstone is the Sapphire.  The traditional blue Sapphire can range from pale blue to indigo.  If you love blue, this gradient set is sure to please.

Mystery Theme members -- oh my gosh, this month has been a hot one!  There's one thing that I've been hoping for and is the inspiration for this month's theme.  The colorways came out so well, that these will be tweeked just a bit and be added to the website. 

Our goodie this month?  Well, September is my birthday month, but you get the present!  Remember my clearance shopping?  This item normally retails for $16 and I was able to get it under budget.  I can't wait for you to find out what it is!